Jeremy’s College Writing Portfolio



Hey guys! Welcome to my college writing blog! You have just stumbled upon the site that will brighten up your day and change your life forever! What better way to start off your summer holidays than to dive into Jeremy’s wonderful writing? Feel free to use the primary menu located on the left-hand side of your screen to direct yourselves through the masterpieces that I have delicately crafted for you this year. I wish you all a happy reading and a great summer! 

Each of the pieces from semester one [Pages 1-8] will be presented in the following format: (1) Final Draft, (2) Reflection on Writing Process, (3) Peer Edit, (4) Rough Draft.

Each of the pieces from semester two [Page 9-21] will be presented in the following format: (1) Final Draft, (2) Analysis, (3) Teacher Comment. 


Table of Contents

Page 1: College Essay: My Grandmother

Page 2: Environmental Essay: Every Grain of Rice

Page 3: Meaning of Life

Page 4: Persuasive Research Paper

Page 5: Quick Write: Best at One or Adequate at Many

Page 6: Restaurant Review: Burger Room

Page 7: Searching for an Essay Topic on Bobby Fischer: Society’s Unforgiving Pace

Page 8: This is Who I Am

Page 9: Iambic Poem: True Character

Page 10: Rebellion Poem: He Ran Away from Home

Page 11: Journey Poem: The Ongoing Journey

Page 12: Sonnet: The Long-Awaited Day

Page 13: Narrative Rhyming Couplet Poem: David and Goliath

Page 14: Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening [By Robert Frost]

Page 15: Courage [By Anne Sexton]

Page 16: Mending Walls [By Robert Frost]

Page 17: A Voice [By Pat Mora]

Page 18: Loveliest of Trees [By A.E. Housman]

Page 19: Research Paper: Meaning of Life

Page 20: Kite Runner Mini-Essay #1: There is a Way to be Good Again

Page 21: In-Class Essay: Count of Monte Cristo


Goal of Blog

Semester 1: Create a WordPress blog to showcase your writing from this semester. You must include at least five, preferably 8 or 10, pieces of writing, with a homepage and separate pages for the different types of writing you choose to post. Five of the posts must also include links to rough drafts, brainstorms, or edited proofs with peer feedback about your writing. You must also include your own thoughtful reflections about the writing process that went into the final version that you have published online. Include photos, graphic designs, and creative layout designs that enhance the readers’ experience on your website. Your blog should contain at least five finalized versions of your writing from this semester (not your resume). Post each piece on a separate page of your blog (not straight down the same page), designed and formatted in a professional manner.

Semester 2: Complete your writer’s blog for the year by adding five original poems and five favorite poems from famous authors, along with the paragraph of analysis for each poem. Also upload three additional pieces of writing from this semester to your blog and then attach your link to the dropbox here on Schoology. Please include artwork or photos with your pieces of writing so that they look professional. Other pieces of writing from this semester include the Merchant of Venice essay and poster, Count of Monte Cristo essay, any number of the quick write samples that you have written into longer pieces, or mini-essays from the Kite Runner.

have a great summer



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