(10) Rebellion Poem: He Ran Away from Home


Poem Instructions: Write a poem about rebellion. Follow the instructions and format in the examples given in the attachment. Or come up with your own format. You rebel, you.

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He Ran Away from Home (Poem)

He ran away from home to break free of the shackles

He did it to take a breather from the pace of the world

He did it because he could no longer cope with the expectations

He did it because he was sick of other people deciding his life for him

He did it to prove a point and make a statement of intent

He did it to show that he was still in control

He did it for himself


He Ran Away from Home (Poem Analysis)

This poem is about a teenage boy who is going through a very difficult and testing time. He is under a lot of stress and feels overwhelmed by the pressure placed on him by his parents. His parents have very high expectations for him and want him to be a doctor when he grows up. Not able to cope with the expectations and demands, he runs away from home to escape into his own world. He needs a little time alone to rest his mind and to get away from the stress. He is sick of other people deciding his life for him, and wants to lead his own life according to his own passions. He has no interest or passion in science or medicine at all, and instead wants to be a musician when he grows up. He decides to run away from home to show his parents that he is in control of his own life, and that their expectations are achieving nothing other than weighing him down.


He Ran Away from Home (Teacher Comment)

Mr. Nollan: (Form: 5/5) (Meaning: 5/5) Good poem following the pattern.


He Ran Away from Home (Reflection on Poem)

Unlike the iambic poem, I found this poem to be much easier to write and complete. I didn’t have to worry about the meter at all, and could just spill my ideas directly onto the page. I decided to base this poem on a common situation that many teenagers may be facing. This is when the teenagers’ passions and interests clash with what their parents want for them. This conflict can give rise to teenage rebellion. After writing this poem, I decided that I prefer writing poems in this format as opposed to writing poems in iambic meter. This is because when I force myself to fit words into a certain meter (example: iambic pentameter), I might have to distort and sacrifice some of the meaning. However, this is not the case when I am not required to write in a certain meter.


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