(11) Journey Poem: The Ongoing Journey


Poem Instructions: Write a journey poem of your own, with a paragraph giving an inside analysis of your own work.


The Ongoing Journey (Poem)

My journey is incomplete

A story with many pages left to be told

Blank sections waiting to be colored in

Half-written pages waiting to be completed


The sun rises, the sun sets

Doors open, doors close

Days creep by, then weeks, then months

Each day seems as dull as the last


But every once in a while

A ray of sunlight seeps through my window

A glimmer of hope in the darkness

Then it vanishes as quickly as it appears


But still I march on

Hoping that tomorrow brings something new

As I place one foot ahead of the next

My eyes focus steadily on the path ahead


I march along the rugged path

The treasure always seems to be behind the next hill

Just out of my reach

I’m almost there, but not quite yet


Still I never lose heart

For the path is long and stretches far

There are many miles to go

And so my journey goes on


The Ongoing Journey (Poem Analysis)

The poem is about a person’s life journey. The speaker’s journey is still ongoing and not yet complete. In the first stanza when the speaker says that there are many “blank sections waiting to be colored in” and “half-written pages waiting to be completed,” it means that the person’s life story is waiting for other authors (people) or events (experiences) to leave their mark. In the second stanza “the sun rises, the sun sets” and “doors open, doors close” symbolize that the person’s life journey is like a boring cycle, one that is repetitive and dull. The doors that open and close represent false hope. Each day seems as dull as the last. Then the third stanza shows that every once in a while, a ray of sunlight seeps through the window. The ray of sunlight represents hope, possibly a life calling. However, the glimmer of hope appears for just a second, then vanishes as quickly and suddenly as it appears. In the fourth stanza, it shows that the speaker is not discouraged and keeps marching on. He remains hopeful and clings to the thought that tomorrow will bring something new, something that will change his life forever and make his life worth living for (sense of purpose). The speaker focuses on the path ahead and even though the “treasure” always seems to evade him and be just out of reach, he never loses heart and keeps pushing on. The poem is written in free verse and has four lines in each of the six stanzas to represent a steady pattern, possibly the marching steps of the speaker as he goes along the trail on his life journey.


The Ongoing Journey (Teacher Comment)

Mr. Nollan: (Poem: 5/5) (Analysis: 5/5) Where’s your destination? You have some good thoughts in the poem but no clear direction.


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