(12) Sonnet: The Long-Awaited Day


Poem Instructions: Write a sonnet. In an additional paragraph, explain what kind of sonnet you have written by identifying the specific attributes that make your sonnet both the type of sonnet it is and those attributes that make it such an exemplary poem.


The Long-Awaited Day (Poem)

Behind locked doors and fortified stone walls,

A prisoner stared at the cold, bare floor.

He visualized his daughter with her dolls,

And dreamed the day both sides would end the war.


Across the looming hills and dry valleys,

In coastal cities many miles away,

The streets were cleared by mourning families.

And even clouds shed tears and skies turned gray.


The winter passed and summer quickly came,

And rays of light illumed the land below.

The prisoner was driven by an aim

To return home and watch his children grow.


And finally the sound of trumpets blazed,

The lonely man was no longer enslaved!


The Long-Awaited Day (Poem Analysis)

The Long Awaited Day is about the story of a prisoner-of-war who is captured by enemy troops when his unit was separated from the rest of the regiment. Many other soldiers in his unit were also captured. Having not received word from their loved ones for months, many families back at home (in the coastal cities) began to fear the worse. The once-busy streets were emptied as grieving families mourned behind shut doors.

The prisoner who this poem focuses on is a young man who had just started his own family before leaving for war. He had left his wife and a pair of newborn twins, a son and a daughter, behind at home. For years, he sat in his lonely prison cell, dreaming of the day that the war would end so that he could return home to his family. Finally, one early morning, the blazing sound of trumpets announced his freedom and the end of the war.

This poem is written in the form of an English sonnet, which is regarded by many as having the simplest and most flexible pattern of all sonnets. Rather than having rhyming words in groups of four, this type of sonnet only calls for pairs of rhyming words. It consists of three quatrains of alternating rhyme of a couplet:   a b a b   c d c d   e f e f   g g. It is written in iambic pentameter.


The Long-Awaited Day (Teacher Comment)

Mr. Nollan: (Rhyme: 5/5) (Rhythm: 5/5) (Content: 5/5) (Analysis: 5/5) A fine example of a sonnet.


The Long-Awaited Day (Reflection on Poem)

I originally wanted to write an Italian sonnet, but eventually decided to switch to the English sonnet because I found it a lot easier to write. Personally, I feel that this is the best piece of poetry I have ever written. It is a piece that I spent a great deal of time on and am extremely proud of.


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