(20) Kite Runner Mini-Essay #1: There is a Way to be Good Again


Essay Topic: “There is a way to be good again.” Why is this line so significant to Amir? Why is it important to people in general? Is it important to you to “be good again” after you have failed at something? Using specific examples from the book and your personal experience, explain the significance in a short essay of three paragraphs or less.










Kite Runner Mini-Essay #1: There is a Way to be Good Again (Final Draft)

Throughout our lives, we commit many faults and errors, but slipping up is part of what makes us human. Sometimes, the consequences of our actions translate to and carry on to different areas in our lives, and may haunt us for many years to come. However, when we slip up, it is important for us to learn how to overcome our past and get on with our lives. Our mistakes and the experiences we go through mold us into the people we are today. Even though we cannot go back and change our actions in the past, as much as we may wish to do so, we can still do our best to atone for our sins through our actions in the present.  We must always remember that there is a way to be good again.

In Khaled Hosseini’s novel The Kite Runner, the protagonist, Amir, watches on as his best friend, Hassan, gets raped by a gang of neighborhood bullies. Instead of stepping in to defend his friend, Amir abandons Hassan when he needs him the most. Many years later, Amir still has not mustered the courage to share his dark secret with anyone. The guilt remains locked up inside of him, eating away at him. Everywhere he goes, the memories of what happened in the alley all those years ago still haunt him. Amir feels as if the damage he has done cannot be altered, and he tries to forget about the past rather than do something to amend the consequences of his actions. He feels as if he is a terrible person and that he can never be good again. However, Rahim Khan’s phone call reminds Amir that he can still be good again, and that he can correct the wrongs that he has done. This crucial insight and revelation has an important influence on the course of the story as the novel goes on.

The mistakes that we make have a huge impact on everyone around us. When I was nine-years-old, I turned my back on and betrayed one of my best friends. Jealousy, insecurity, and ambition drove me to abandon my best friend in order to join a new group of friends who I viewed as cooler. I completely shut out and ignored my best friend, avoided him whenever I saw him in the school hallways, and even pretended that I didn’t know him! When I observed that he was more talented at a sport or that academics came easier to him, I tried to put him down in order to elevate myself and make myself feel better.  Looking back, I realize that my best friend was very similar to and shared many characteristics with Hassan, one of the main characters in The Kite Runner. He was loyal, caring, trusting, and selfless. However, because of my selfishness, I destroyed an important friendship and bond that had been built over many years. I betrayed the trust that he had placed in me and hurt him for something that he had not done and did not deserve. Years later when I reached middle school, I realized how wrong and selfish my actions had been. I couldn’t believe what I had done and thought that I was a horrible person. I never expected my former best friend to be able to forgive me because he had every right to hate me for what I had done. I thought that if I reached out to him and tried to get our past behind us, I would only make the situation worse. As a result, I avoided him even more. However, halfway through the school-year, he started approaching me and we started to make small talk with each other again. This was when I realized that it was not too late and that this was my chance to be good again. Brick by brick, we slowly rebuilt our friendship and today we are very close friends. Sometimes, correcting our faults can be an extensive process and a lot of hard work, but the rewards we achieve are well worth it. We must always remember that we can change for the good and that it is never too late to make amends. For Rahim Khan reminds us all, “There is a way to be good again.”


Kite Runner Mini-Essay #1: There is a Way to be Good Again (Teacher Comment)

Mr. Nollan: (Ideas/Content/Organization: 5/5) (Voice/Fluency/Mechanics: 5/5)


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