(9) Iambic Poem: True Character


Poem Instructions: Write a short poem in iambic pentameter. Include at least four lines per stanza, and at least two stanzas. Pay close attention to the meter so that it smoothly reads as iambic pentameter.



iambic poem photo 1







True Character (Poem)

The fearless boy who calls himself a man

Is from a very far and distant land.

He often tries to act all tough and mean,

But he is small and so is rarely seen.


He always tries to reach above the rest,

And always aims to be the very best.

In everything he sets his mind to do,

He always, always tries to see it through.


True Character (Poem Analysis)

This poem is about a young boy who had just moved into a new city. He is the new kid on the block. Not wanting to be looked down on because of his poor family background, the boy is determined to do whatever he can to gain the respect of others. He wants to be viewed as someone who is confident, strong, and fearless. He wants to be seen as a man. However, because of his small stature, the boy is never taken seriously. The other kids in the neighborhood laugh at him and exclude him from their games. Despite all this, the boy never gives up and never loses heart. In everything that he does, he tries his best to excel and achieve above everyone else. He hopes that one day, when he is taller and stronger, he will gain the respect that he deserves. This poem is written in iambic pentameter.


True Character (Teacher Comment)

Mr. Nollan: (Iambic meter: 5/5) (Meaning: 4/5) Not a bad poem. What’s the context so that it makes more sense?


True Character (Reflection on Poem)

This is the first poem that I wrote for this poetry unit. It had been quite a while since I wrote my last poem (Literature Survey class last year). At first, I found it quite challenging to fit my ideas and message into the form of iambic pentameter. It was quite time-consuming as I had to modify and play around with the words. It was a real test of patience and willpower. As I progressed into the poem, the iambic rhythm seemed to come more naturally to me and I found it easier to fill in the lines. This was definitely not one of my best pieces of poetry, but it was the first step that I took in this unit which helped prepare me for the other poems that came later in the unit.


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